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3 things you should consider when rent an apartment in Hanoi


It isn't easy to renting houses in Hanoi, Vietnam. Nowadays, Toantien Housing offers expats a wide range of housing options for you.

However, before making such an important decision, Toantienhousing suggests you equipping yourself with some tips to choose a house for rent in Hanoi. And now here we go.

Choose a type of house for rent in Hanoi

Generally, there are 3 options for you to consider: a house, an apartment or a villa depending on your needs and budget. Each type of housing has its pros and cons that are important to consider when you are searching for a future home!

A surviced apartment is common choice for expat when looking for house for rent in Hanoi

A surviced apartment is common choice for expat when looking for house for rent in Hanoi.

– Private house: There are also 2 kinds of house: street house, normally found in the downtown. Its length is much longer than its width, making people call it “tube house”. It always faces towards a street and you can only live on the higher floors since the first floor is used as a shop or office. The other kind is detached house: a free-standing and independent structure on a plot of land with their own driveway, surrounding garden and boundary fence.

– Apartment: This is a popular choice if you are living alone or for just 2 people. An apartment can be either serviced or not. Serviced apartments are always furnished, offering amenities such as cleaning lady, security mini supermarket, gym and restaurants etc

– Villa: A villa can be understood as a much more luxurious house.  They always have larger garden, swimming pool and hotel-like services and such amenities. This option is for people with high income.

Choose a District you want to live in

Hanoi has 12 districts, each offering something of their own. While many young people like to be in the energy of the city, others may prefer to move away from the city center for a quieter, more peaceful life.

– Districts to choose if you want to live in or near the center: Hoan Kiem (the very center of Hanoi), Ba Dinh, Dong Da and Hai Ba Trung

– Districts to choose if you want to experience a quieter side of Hanoi: Tay Ho, Cau Giay (My Dinh area)

Tay Ho (West Lake) area is the most popular place for expat commnunity

Tay Ho (West Lake) area is the most popular place for the expat community.

Among these districts, Tay Ho district is the most popular choice for expats when they find houses in Hanoi. You may find it easier to live in a big expat community here with many advantages for foreigners such as many international schools.

Another thing worth considering where to live is where you work. Traffic in Hanoi is getting more and crazier, especially if you don’t have a motorbike. So we recommend you stay as near as possible to save your precious time.

Choose the price you want

Property price in Hanoi is never cheap, so you should prepare well when finding a house for rent in Hanoi. These 3 housing types we listed above can be fully-furnished, partially-furnished or unfurnished at all. They can range from cheap, medium to high rate depending on that and the location status and the renting term of the house. Here is the estimated price in US$ (just estimation only):

House: 800$ to 3,000$ per month.

Apartment: 500$ to 1,200$ (normal apartments) or 1,200S to 5,000$ per month (serviced apartments)

Room: 350$ to 800$ per month.

It’s also worth noting that leasing price in the downtown, especially Hoan Kiem district is much more expensive compared to other places.

Renting a house to make your new home in Vietnam depends on many other factors. We hope that our post will help you a little bit when choosing your house in Hanoi.

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