Beautiful corners of West Lake through the view from Toan Tien apartments….

 Posted on 16:13:48, 27-07-2017
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West Lake is one of the most beautiful places with open views and airy atmosphere in Hanoi. It is also a famous

mark associated with the history of the capital- thousands of years of civilization. 


                                            Green view from Toan Tien’s building in 88 Xom Chua


In the middle time of summer, West Lake has the brilliant beauty of the sunset along with the scene of diverse 

activities.Especially, in this time West Lake becomes more attractive with striking Lotus flowers. For Vietnamese,

this kind of flower has long been become the symbol of culture, spirit and elegant personality of Vietnamese.



                                        Lotus Flower taken by Toan Tien's photographer


301_11 QUANG KHANH.jpg

                                Lotus pond from the view of Apartment 301 in 11 Quang Khanh


Everyday, you can enjoy the green space of West Lake by walking along its banks to breathe some fresh air or 

maybe enjoying the breeze over a cup of coffee outside the apartment balcony. From Toan Tien's apartment, a 

small beatiful and peaceful corner of West Lake is shown off in front of your eyes.


                                          View from Apartment 201 in 19 Quang Khanh


West Lake is one of the most important part of Hanoi. Every corners of West Lake reflect the standard of living,

the culture and the beauty of Hanoi. When living in Toan Tien’s apartment, you are taking full use of your time

to enjoy not only a comfortable living space, but also very typical corner of the human life in Hanoi – a peaceful

and ideal place for living.


301_88 xom chua.2.JPG

                                                   View from Apartment 301 in 88 Xom Chua


402_48 TU HOA.JPG

                                                   View from Apartment 402 in 48 Tu Hoa


Thank to the location in the heart of West Lake, from Toan Tien’s apartments view, the tenants can have chance

to fully enjoy a beautiful and peaceful corners of West Lake. Finally, Toan Tien Company is so pround and excited

to provide serviced apartments for those who like combining the living space with the natural view….