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Tips of finding short term serviced aparments for rent in Ha Noi


Are you a foreigner who has lived in Vietnam for short time? And want to find a stable
accommodation? You want to find short term serviced apartments for rent in Hanoi
with high quality? Please make sure you understand the rules for short term serviced
apartments in Hanoi and how to find a quality apartment that is affordable with suitable
price. Join us to learn about the experience of renting a serviced apartment in
Hanoi, via the article below.
Tips of finding short term serviced aparments for rent in Ha Noi
Before renting a serviced apartment in Hanoi, you need to be aware of some of the
considerations below to make it easier for you to rent an apartment and to avoid being
disadvantaged by lack of information, especially in the foreign country.

Apartment 201 - 32 To Ngoc Van
Documents required when renting serviced serviced apartments in Hanoi
When renting a serviced apartment in Hanoi, you need to provide the photo copy of
passport and visa (of family members) to the lessor, to make the temporary registration
on the day of arrival apartment. If you do not offer to register with the Regional Police,
then you will be responsible with the Laws of Vietnam.

The cost of renting an apartment
Rent payment will not increase throughout the term. Any increase in rent (if applicable)
will only apply for extensions, and will not exceed 10% (ten percent) over the same
period of the previous year and be applied for the next period.
Procedure to do if having relatives in the apartment
In the case of having a visitor visiting you at the apartment and staying temporarily, you
must inform the lessor of the identity and length of stay, provide visa, passport or
personal identification of that person to the lessor. The lessor must not refuse to give
unreasonable approval of this.
Certificate of temporary residence
The lessor is responsible for applying for or maintaining a permit for a foreigner renting
a house, in accordance with the laws of Vietnam, for the term of the tenancy and
extension of the tenancy under the lease. It is lessor’s responsibility to make the
temporary registration for you in accordance with the regulations and provide you with
relevant certificates.
Apartment confirmation
You need to confirm the furniture in the room, if there is damage or problems, if any,
report to the lessor before check in, avoid being charged unfairly compensation.
Where to find short term serviced apartments in Hanoi?

Apartment 201 - 96 Xom Chua
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