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Tips for foreigners to find an ideal home in Viet Nam


It’s not easy at all to live in others country. The barriers: language and culture will make lots of people be in case of “half laughing and half crying”. One of the difficulties that they have to face up to Viet Nam is how to rent an ideal apartment.

As statistics on 06/2017, there are more than 32.000 foreigners living and working in Viet Nam, mainly in Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh city. Therefore, the demand for a house is higher than that of providing which make many people not to find a place “to have a stable life”.

The popular issues when renting apartments in Viet Nam

Mr. Yuichi Yasaki - Japanese has been living and working in Viet Nam for almost 2 years sharing:

“I get familiar with the life in Viet Nam, it’s cool. However, finding an apartment is not so easy.

Due to the culture difference, so many apartments have a design which can’t match with our living style. Many investors in Viet Nam seem not to clearly understand the requirements for the living environment or convenient services following the international standard so that some points we ourself have to afford.

Especially, a barrier in language between lesse and manager also cause difficulty during the time we live in Viet Nam. Some investors, after signing a contract, service management is not so good…” Therefore, not so many apartments in Ha Noi meet the standard for foreigners to stay. And Rose boutique at 32 Truong Han Sieu of Toantien Housing is one of the investors in Ha Noi meeting the requirements from the foreigners, especially Japanese.

How should the foreigners choose an apartment?

Nice design suitable for the style of each country

The design of apartment strongly affects to our daily living. Each country has unique chracteristics, so if this style needs changing for a long time, that can cause many inconveniences for the tenants.

Toantien Housing has invested in the different design for each building. Each building will fit with different kind of customers. Apartment at 32 Truong Han Sieu – Rose boutique is built for Japanese: simple but dedicate and convenient.

With smart design with 50 m2 for 1 bed room apartment and 90 m2 for 2 bedroom apartment, the sliding door between rooms makes the room larger than the real space.

The green living environment with balcony full of flowers and direct view to Thien Quang Lake, you can relax after a hard working day. Don’t miss this, because the narrow living space will make you tired after work!

Location nearby city center

This is the most important requirement when renting an apartment with foreigners. Lots of nice and convenient apartments but the location is far away from the city center, not convenient for transportation.

Apartment in Rose Boutique at 32 Truong Han Sieu is located in the city center of Hoan Kiem Lake, which is convenient for traveling and being near with some places, such as: Thien Quang Lake, Thong Nhat Park, Hanoi heart hospital, K hospital and many other shopping malls.

This is extremely an ideal place for living and working: serving for comfortable living and relaxing.

Full of furniture

In Ha Noi, it’s not so difficult to find an apartment equipped with available furniture, but not almost apartment is full. Foreigners coming to Viet Nam feels unfamiliar with everything and don’t know where they should buy furnitures and private items.

Apartment in Rose Boutique at 32 Truong Han Sieu has available furniture so that you only need to move in and live: tv, fridge, washing machine, bed, cabinet, mattress, bowls, plates…All are equipped with Toantien Housing.

Especially, Toantien Housing has service of monthly repair and maintenance. You won’t be worried about fixing air – conditioner when it has issues. This is a strong point of Toantien Housing that most others don’t focus on. Toantien Housing always follows the motto: be professional from the simple thing.

Good security, juridical supporting

This should be taken care of foreigners. If you are having an issue related to juridical, you may be face up with trouble in the job if not getting support from the landlord.

With Toantien Housing, services, security, criminal record are consulted and supported 24/24h. It is considered to be the realizable company that you can stay if you have plan living in Viet Nam for a long time.

Currently, apartment at 32 Truong Han Sieu – Rose Boutique only has 4 available apartments out of 21 rooms. Apartments are equipped with furniture, balcony with flowers and caring, friendly staff team. All are ready for the welcome you!


No 27 Nam Trang St, Ba Dinh Dist, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

Tel: 1900 636 948

Hotline:  ‭090 344 6970‬



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