About Us

Toan Tien Housing build, lease, and operate serviced apartments in the most livable neighborhoods of Hanoi's heart districts. The company has about 500 apartment units across 60 apartment estates. The majority of all are rented in long-term contracts, and the others are opened for short stays in the meantime.

The company was founded in 2001 by Mr. Nguyen Dang Tien. Before that he had had a few years servicing houses for foreigners in Hanoi, it was a big opportunity to create his own company. One random fact: we still know a little about how he’s also a great patron in preserving Hanoi’s quintessentials.

The apartments by Toan Tien have evolved over time and now our style is solidified. They are built foremostly to bring peace of mind to the residents. Our apartments should stay away from the street noise, bask in natural light, and calm dark wood furniture against white walls to bring a sense of stability for the residents, as well as the blank space to make the apartment of their own.

Great services come with customer loyalty therefore the company’s stability. The only reason our customers in the diplomat segment move away from a Toan Tien apartment is when their term in Vietnam ends (as an example).

We have our salespeople to help you find a suitable apartment. The office to help get the paperwork alright, the customer care staff who listen to your concerns in English and Japanese, and the maintenance team to come and fix it timely. The building’s staff includes room service, and the security is the people the residents regularly greet. The overall vibe is to be friendly, chilling, and always strive to get better

It’s your home, our care.