At the start of the Lease Contract, the Premise is or shall be delivered to and accepted by the Lessee in its present condition.

The Lessee shall surrender the Premise to the Lessor at the end of the Lease Contract in the condition as described at the start of the lease, excepting any subsequent work done by the Lessor and normal ageing during the renting period.


2.1. The Apartment shall be used and occupied by Lessee exclusively as individual or a private single-family residence. Neither the Apartment nor any parts of the Apartment shall be used at any time during the term of this Lease for the purpose of carrying on any business, profession, trade of any kind, or any activities deemed illegal under the Vietnam’s laws, or for any purpose other than as individual or a private single-famaily residence.

2.2. Any renovation or repairs which are needed to satisfy the Lessee’s own requirements must be subject to the written consent of the Lessor and must comply with the regulations on the capital construction of Vietnam.

2.3 The Lessee shall comply with all the health and sanitary laws, regulations on fire prevention and the general protection of environment, order and security, and orders of appropriate governmental authorities and homes associations, if any, with respect to the Apartment.


3.1. The Lessee agrees that the Apartment shall be permanently occupied by no more than the number of persons as agreement in the Lease Contract without the prior written consent of the Lessor

3.2. Provide a copy of passport and visa (of all family’s members) to the Lessor for the temporary residence registration on the date that Lessee check in. If the Lessee doesn’t provide it to register to local police on time, the Lessee will be responsible to Vietnamese Law

3.3. In the event of guests visiting the Lessee at the Apartment on a temporary basis, the Lessee shall notify the Lessor of the identity and the duration of stay of the guests, inform for the Lessee in advance and also provide passport, visa or private documents for the Lessor.The Lessor shall not unreasonably withhold his/her consent therefor.

3.4. The Lessor is responsible for applying for and/or maintaining the specified lease permit (House Leasing Permit), following Vietnamese law, for the Lease Term plus any extensions exercised in accordance with this Lease Contract. To register the temporary residence of Lessee to the local authority in abiding strictly by the Regulations, and to provide the Lessee with the relevant certificate of residence


4.1. The Lessee has the opinion to renew the Term of this Lease by notifying the Lessor of its intention to renew at least thirty (30) days prior to the Expire Date.

4.2. If the Lessee fails to renew the Term, Leasing Contract and all services related to the Premise will be stopped (electric system, electric card…)


5.1. The free internet will be also supported by the Lessor for the Lessee and the committed speed for wifi internet connection is 12MB/s.

5.2. Cable TV service with 65 channels will be provided for the lessor. Please log into the link for more details:

5.3. Service for house keeping(washing+ironing, 3 times/week) and consumption water are only spent for 2 Lessees. The additional fee will be applied from the 3rd person, who lives in the Apartment for 1 month or more as details below:

  • House Cleaning and Laundry Service: $50/person/month (Equivalent to 1,00,000 VND)
  • Consumption Water: $10/person/month (Equivalent to 200,000 VND)

5.4. Each apartment will be provided a maximum of 2 key sets. In case the Lessee makes it lost or needs one more, the Lessee has to pay additional fee: 100,000 VND/set.

5.5. The electricity fee applied for the apartment sharing the washing and dry machine will be VND 200,000/month/apartment.

5.6. Daily breakfast served at the room (If any)
5.7. Transportation to Noi Bai International Airport (If any)

5.8. International cable and Japanese NHK premium (As agreement)

5.9. Periodic repair and maintenance (Details attached with this Regulations List)


The Lessee is supposed to pay the rent, electric bill and other expenses within the time as regualted in the Lease Contract.


7.1. The Lessee are not entitled to transfer this Lease Contract or to sublease the Apartment to another Lessee for any purpose in the period that this Lease Contract is valid.

7.2. Any assignment or subletting without the prior written consent of the Lessor shall be void and constitute a breach of the Lessee’s obligation hereunder.


8.1. The Lessee shall make no alternations to the Apartment or construct any building or make other improvements without the prior written consent of the Lessor. Any such alteration and/or improvements without the Lessor’s prior written consent shall constitute a breach of the Lessee’s obligation hereunder.

8.2. All repairs are to be made within 1 week from the date of receipt of the Lessee’s request for the repairs failing which the Lessee shall be entitled but is not obliged to repair the damage without further notice to the Lessor. If the Lessee repairs the damage, the Lessee shall claim the costs of repair from the Lessor or automatically deduct the costs from the rental payment.

8.3. Apartments without house cleaner, to ensure the safety for the Lessees, the Lessor will have plan to check and maintain all the electricity quipments. The schedule will be informed for the lessee in advance.


The Lessee are allowed to have pets in their apartment, but the Lessee also has some regulations for this issue as details below:
9.1. To provide proof of pet vaccinations and proper license.

9.2. To clean up after your pets leave the apartment, both inside and other parts of apartment.

9.3. To keep pets in appropriate way, not to leave pets outdoors without any protection or unsupervised. To further reduce the risk that pets may cause injuries to other Lessees, please wear a protection when it goes out.

9.4. If there are any damages for furniture or apartment, which are caused by pets, the lessee should pay for that compensation.


The Lessor and/or the Lessor’s agents shall only have the right to enter the Apartment after getting permission from the Lessee about the time, date, for the purpose of:

i. Inspecting the Apartmnet and/or making any repairs or replacement to the Apartment or other items as required under this Lease;

ii. showing the Apartment to Lessees during the last thirty (30) days of this Lease; or

iii. remedying a case of emergency.


11.1. The Lessor is not responsible for providing any live, or “on-foot” security. The Lessee is responsible for the welfare of themselves and their property. Doors and windows should be locked, and visitors must be carefully identified before being allowed into the Apartment. Try not to walk on campus, through parking lots, or in courtyards alone, especially after it gets dark. Please always use good common sense, and think about safety first. If there is any suspicious activity around the apartment, call the Lessor or security immediately.

11.2. The protection of the Lessee’s property (such as: safe box, cash, jewelry…) is the sole responsibility of the Lessee.

11.3. Lessor will not be responsible for any loss or damage of private equippments of the Lessee and other equippments set up in leased area caused by the Lessee or the third party.

11.4. All activities related organizing gambling and prostitution are strictly prohibited by law of Vietnam.


Termination of this Lease Contract shall be effected in the following cases:

12.1. In case the Lessee is expelled from Vietnam or its investment license is withdrawn or the occupants of the premises are relocated overseas.The Lessee must inform 30 days in advance in writing. The Security Deposit and unused portion of advance rents shall be returned to the Lessee by the Lessor.

12.2. In case the premises are to be demolished under a decision by a duly authorized body or are burned out (not caused by the negligence of the Lessee) or the License “Rooms for Rent for Foreigners” cannot be extended for the next term. the Security Deposit and unused portion of advance rents shall be returned to the Lessee by the Lessor.

12.3. In case of Force Majeure (Act of God, earthquake, flood, war), the Security Deposit and unused portion of advance rents shall be returned to the Lessee by the Lanlord from the Lessee for the return of the sum. In this case, the Lessee can terminate the Lease contract without penalties but must give for the Lessor one month notice.

12.4. In case of noise from construction work or surrounding environment badly affect to the Lessee’s life in the Apartment, the Lessee can terminate the Lease contract without penalties but must give for the Lessor one month notice. The Security Deposit and unused portion of advance rents shall be returned to the Lessee by the Lanlord from the Lessee for the return of the sum.


All audio equipments such as: radios, television sets, compact disk players, or any other appliances which may cause noise must be turned down to the level of sound that does not annoy or interfere with other residents. No band instruments shall be played on the Premise at any time.


In case, Lessee wishes to hold a party at the building lobby, rooftop or use this area for private purpose, they are supposed to ask for the Lessor’s permission and pay a using fee amount as regulated. The advance notice should be given to the Lessor. So that the Lessor can give it to other Lessees.


In case, the Lessee needs any assistance for Apartment, please contact for the Customer Care Department through the details below: