Apartment for rent in Japanese style: Experiencing Japanese culture insides Ha Noi

  • 03/28/2018

Details insides apartment for rent in Japanese style

What are standards of an apartment in Japanese style?

Japanese people always have a tendency to follow the simple style (Minimalist) – including characteristics and lifestyle, especially the house. This is design trend favored by many famous architects in the word: simple but delicate and convenient.

  1. Simple but convenient furniture
  2. Wooden materials
  3. Take full use of open space and sunlightLuôn có bồn tắm
  4. Living with nature
  5. Nice room arrangement


New square building – Apartment design in Japanse style

Be apart from housing providers, Toantien Housing always takes care of customer experience. Therefore, they have invested in designing apartments that match with different groups of customers. New Square – Apartment for rent in Japanese style is one of their buildings. It’s only designed for Japanese.

All the details in designing apartment in Japanese style are prepared by designer Ms. Kim Dung in the very careful way in New Square. Each room has 1 – 2 bedrooms, 01 living room and 1 – 2 restrooms and be designed in the nice way with natural light and green plans, all bring to the room full of energy.

With sliding door, with square only 50m2, but the apartments of Toantien Housing are successful in cheating optical of customers, making the space airy and cool.

All apartments of New Square are equipped with full of furniture including:

  • Full of cooking tools (fridge, microwave. free water consumption…)

  • Entertainment furniture (tv, free wifi with high speed)

  • Healthy exercises: Gym room on the 9th floor with modern facilities and spacious area.

With the system of full facilities, New Square will bring to the customers a convenient life.

The fact is that Japanese are strict. they always want everything to be perfect. Especially: bathroom must have a bathtub. Understanding this, Toantien Housing has invested in setting up the toilet with fee up to 9000 USD including smart toilet with luxury bathtub with nice design.

Besides, the security system is safety. The cleaning lady cleaned apartment very well (5 times/week) with professional working style and be trained carefully. Moreover, Toantien Housing also helps the customers the issues related to temporary residence registration, all are free.


Full of furniture.

New Square building is located in Dao Tan Street – central location of Ha Noi. This area has many amenities such as store, restaurants…A lot of Japanese are living around, which helps you easily make friends and open relationships.

Interesting stories about customer service of Toantien Housing: being successful from the very simple things

People talk about Toantien Housing for not only providing modern serviced apartments, but also the customer service, which makes the customer always remember, even when they leave the apartment.

Honestly, designing apartment in Japanese style is not the hard work, and in fact we can easily find this kind of apartment in Ha Noi. However, to build a system of customer service following “Japanese standard” is not the thing that everyone can do.

Starting from the passion, Toantien Housing wants to help the customers to have an ideal living space, in which they can feel warm, convenient as living in their 2nd home” it’s “home” not a house.

If you used to live away, you would feel the desire to have to care for others. That’s all the things that Toantien Housing are trying to reach: caring for all the customers as the way that relatives care each other.

The 1st time that you come to Toantien Housing, you will have a very warm greeting as the way that your family welcomes you after a long trip: a small card with a pot of flowers putting on the table. Even when you are leaving, the warm greeting is also sent to you as the day that you are welcome.

One day, when you are away and being in the strange country, and nobody remembers your birthday. You will feel very surprising when coming back to New Square. Maybe the gift isn’t too big but you will feel the love from Toantien Housing.

The very small action helps Toantien Housing having the belief and trust from the very strict customers.

When coming to New Square, you can feel being respected. The staff team including guard, maid or consulting staffs are working professional. They are working directly with customers to create the special thing for the company.

Toantien Housing is successful due to the managing persons who clearly understand the customers and always try to improve from the very small things, all create the 2nd home for those who are living away from home.

Pelase come with Toan Tien Housing to experience the apartment for rent in Japanese style!

Apartment information:

  • Rental price: range from 900 - 2000 USD
  • Address: No 19/36, Dao Tan Street, Ba Dinh Dist, Ha Noi
  • No of rooms: 24
  • Design: from 1-2 bathrooms and bedrooms, balcony
  • Square: 46 - 92m2


No 27 Nam Trang St, Ba Dinh Dist, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

Tel: 1900 636 948

Hotline:  ‭090 344 6970‬

Website: toantienhousing.vn

Fanpage: facebook.com/toantienco.hanoi