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Japanese-styled apartment for rent in Ba Dinh district: where minimalistism rises


Japanese-styled apartment for rent in Ba Dinh district, scored by the minimalist but possesses many conveniences which are suitable for a modern life.

Why are Japanese-styled rental apartments popular?

In recent years, Japanese style has become popular with most Vietnamese people because of its simplicity, sophistication and high efficiency. Japanese houses focus on minimalism in architecture and interior design.


Simple, but not monotonous, Japanese- styled rental apartments bring sophistication and elegance to the home as well as upgrade the level of the tenants. In particular, the apartment is designed to make use of the area, making space more spacious than its real area, becoming a very good solution for  narrow spaces.

Great experience at the Japanese-styled apartment for rent at 8 Mac Dinh Chi

As a beautifully designed apartment in Japanese style, the apartments at 8 Mac Dinh Chi, Ba Dinh are impressed by simple but close to nature architecture.

Following the spirit of Japanese-styled apartments, apartments for rent in Ba Dinh are based on balance, natural beauty and airy space.

The furniture used in the apartment is minimized and smartly arranged which is convenient to use. Each apartment is designed with integrated space, the main space has the function as dining room, living room and especially a place to wash clothes.

Simple but not boring. The wooden cabinet will serve as a tool to decorate the living space if it stands alone, while opening it will be a place for washing machines and clothes dryers. 2-in-1, this is a very interesting detail, bringing the novelty for this simple space.

The furniture used in this Japanese-styled rental apartment is mostly rustic from items such as tables, chairs to kitchens, floors made of wood. This is a great advantage because it is very friendly with nature, giving people a sense of security without too much gas, stimulating eating and improving health.

Especially, apartment space at 8 Mac Dinh Chi is also scored by making use of sunlight to create natural light in the apartment from the large glass door system. According to the Japanese, this not only saves energy, but it also plays an important role in generating positive energy into the home, absorbing sunlight, and helping the Japanese to work effectively.

The charm of the Japanese style apartment for rent at 8 Mac Dinh Chi is not only in the simply, modern and elegance but also in the comfort for the tenants.

Each apartment has 1 spacious living room, 1 - 2 bedrooms, 1 - 2 bathrooms and a well-organized kitchen. In addition, all are well-equipped with TV, desk, chair, air conditioners, washing machine, fridge to cooker, wardrobe, cooking utensils to make the tenants feel like home.

From the apartment for rent in Ba Dinh district, you can visit some famous historical sites such as Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Ho Chi Minh Museum, Presidential Palace, One Pillar Pagoda or explore traditional handicraft villages such as Truc Bach silk, Ngu Xa, Yen Ninh, Thuy Khue lotus wine.

Apartment at 8 Mac Dinh Chi with simply but convenience, is always ready to be the destination for foreigners as well as the Vietnamese when coming to Hanoi as well as ready to bring the experience for people living in a place combined between traditional and modern values.


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