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Short-term rental apartment in Ba Dinh district attracts foreigners


Short-term rental apartment in Ba Dinh district is one of the things that foreigners always look for when coming to Vietnam. Owning the favorable conditions, this will definitely be the ideal choice for travelers.

The demand for renting short-term apartments in Vietnam of foreign tourists has been increasing

There have been approximately 320,000 foreigners living and working in Vietnam up to the second quarter of 2017, of which Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are the two most crowded places with tourists from different countries like Japan, Korea, USA, Singapore, etc.

Accordingly, the demand for short-term rental apartments in Vietnam of foreigners is also increased. There are even a lot of foreign experts working in Vietnam who are willing to use their savings to consider investing in buying houses here.

However, foreigners looking for rental apartments have different requirements and criteria compared to the Vietnamese. In addition to the strict requirements for quality and comfort, the position is also one of the leading factors for them to choose the right apartment for rent.

Short term rental apartment in Ba Dinh district attracts international visitors

When talking about Hanoi, Ba Dinh area is one of the hot spots to attract a large number of tourists to find and rent luxurious and comfortable apartments.

Explaining why Ba Dinh is so attractive to tourists, some experienced investors have identified that Ba Dinh area is home to many cultural and political centers or many National key projects and many large corporate headquarters as well.

In addition, the infrastructure in Ba Dinh is very advanced and modern, creating favorable conditions for people to move to the inner city center as well as many other places in Hanoi.

This is also a place which gathers a lot of utilities, services to meet all aspects of life for people living here from health, education, shopping, entertainment, etc.

Apartment 401 160 Tran Vu - Ideal short-term rental apartment in Ba Dinh for foreigners

As one of the units that owns many short-term rental apartments in Ba Dinh district as well as many other areas in Hanoi, Toan Tien Housing has become the reliable address of foreigners every time they set foot to Vietnam.


Apartment 401 No. 160 Tran Vu is on the list of luxurious apartments that Toan Tien owns. With the luxurious design of dark brown color, apartment 160 Tran Vu gives visitors the warm and close feeling like the "flavor" of their homeland.

Moreover, the interior of the apartment is all equipped with television, refrigerator, air-conditioners, washing machine, microwave oven which ensure to serve you at all times and in all circumstances.

The apartment is designed with 1 bedroom, 1 kitchen, 1 interconnecting room, it can be said that short-term apartment for rent in Ba Dinh District 160 Tran Vu is a very reasonable choice for travelers living and experiencing the culture in a short time in this beautiful land.

See some pictures of this beautifully designed apartment:


Let’s come to Toan Tien Housing to enjoy the great experience in short term rental apartment in Ba Dinh district !


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