The flagship serviced apartment buildings of Toan Tien. #2 the ones for a long working period in Hanoi,

  • 11/04/2021

We have quite some serviced apartment buildings in the vicinity around the Japanese embassy. They are relatively close to each other, which helped a ton when our room service staff had to station a few vacants to continue their work.

Life there is in between two lakes in the areas, it means two lakes to have run around, open spaces, the greens, the water, the breeze, though the experience is a bit reduced as the city transit railway is being built. 

From a bus point of view, the location is the most convenient to travel to any direction in Hanoi. By other means, it is still as convenient, being perfectly in the middle of the Red River bank and the westernmost urban district of Hanoi. Still in a leeway to get to the airport.

Cuisine, entertainment choices swing to Japanese preference, on normal days, the streets feel lively, all the girls greeting those who look Japanese passing by. Such a life to come back would be nice. 

Among the buildings, there are two to make a standout, built on sizable, multi-facade estates that we managed to pull off, and raised the buildings with our aesthetics. The ground hall is ample to make an eye pleasing space for our area customer service staff to station. He/she can jump between the buildings to serve our customers right. 

Serviced apartments are typically the way to go for some those having a work period away from home.  The apartments are furnished, well taken care of room services thrice a week from ours, and fixed by our in-house technicians. If tenants find any issues, tap our customer service peep. or with Japanese tenants, they prefer to reach us via agent.

The serviced apartments in this area are usually built and equipped to aim at Japanese salary people working in Vietnam. The footprints aren’t necessarily big, it feels cozy, personal to live a bachelor life. Either there is one bedroom, or the slide doors to close the space to make one. 

The Apricot Building. 19, alley 535 Kim Ma.

It’s on the main alley connecting Ngoc Khanh lake, the Kim Ma street by the Thu Le lake zoo. The Apricot is the pinnacle building of our apartments in Kim Ma street. Two facades of the building leave more room for floor-to-ceiling windows.  The tall ground hall welcomes people with  warm light, open space, and coolness of smooth cemented floor

Up to three apartment units on a floor pan, mostly goes for a compact type of one bedroom apartment. Some with a second bedroom can be utilized as a working space. The bedroom is a walled quarter of the apartment unit, Guaranteed a window for natural light. 

living room 701

The New Square. 19, alley 36 Dao Tan.

On the other side of Thu Le lake park, deep into Allety 36 Dao Tan. The New Square apartment building is a relatively new building seamlessly merged into our older The Square. This is our cornerstone building in the Dao Tan area. 

So, a glowing block light lit up our logo.

The building features external fins to block direct sunlight to the buildings. The living room of the apartments gets a tree view, how lovely is that. 

Unfortunately, this building is well occupied, here’s another in an even quieter Dao Tan alley.  

The Moon building. 32, alley 12 Dao Tan.

This one fits the flagship building category, rather small. But the fewer units on a floor, the better. We have one with this peculiar shape where slide doors can stay open to watch TV from the bed. An apartment of such a lovely glass wrapped corner to cookout a weekend lunch and dine in full of light.