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Architecture and indoor space will be rough without the presence of trees, right? Planting trees in the house brings a fresh natural space, the house is richly decorated, mixed with fresh air. More specifically, some trees also bring feng shui meanings, bringing home good luck, abundant health and prosperous business.

 Aroid Palm

 Aroid Palm is known to be the favorite tree of almost all families and chooses as a decorative plant in the house. The money tree has the advantage of being able to live in the indoor environment, the tree is shade-loving, has good growth and development in an environment lacking direct sunlight.

  • Aroid Palm is an indoor green plant that gives green leaves, the leaves grow opposite each other on a long branch that grows from the base. Looks very eye-catching and fresh.
  • The money tree is a feng shui plant that brings money, luck, wealth and prosperity.
  • Plants are often placed in the living room of the house, the main place of the house.
Honeysuckle tree

Honeysuckle is an indoor plant that many families choose to decorate their interior space.

  • Honeysuckle has a solid outer shape, a wooden stem like a pillar symbolizing the family.
  • The leaves of the 5-pointed honeysuckle spread out like an umbrella, shielding the family.
  • Honeysuckle is the choice of many families because this indoor green plant brings luck to the family, fortune and sustainability for the family's prosperity.


Dracaena fragrans

Dracaena fragrans is often grown as a houseplant, placed in the corner of the house, at the foot of the stairs, in the living room, etc. to make a decorative feng shui tree for the house. Dracaena fragrans is a tree with a tall, round, cylindrical stem, the leaves of the tree are long and pointed at the tips of the leaves. Looking at the smooth falling leaves looks very cool and new. The plant has the ability to grow well in the lack of direct sunlight. Dracaena fragrans give your home a fresh, green color of nature, making the surrounding space extremely cool and making us comfortable.


Orchid tree
Orchid is one of the indoor plants with the ability to purify the air very well.
Orchid plants absorb ammonia, CO2, etc. to bring fresh air.
In addition, orchids have very few pests and diseases, are easy to care for, and do not take too much care.
This indoor plant has the ability to cool the surrounding environment very well, reducing the indoor temperature in the dry season. Therefore, the plant is chosen to be grown in the house.

Fortune tree
The fortune tree is a houseplant that is loved by many people. The name of the fortune tree brings a lot of fortune, luck and money to your family. The fortune tree has a very good growth vitality, the stems and leaves are strong and strong. Plants can grow in low light outdoors.
Dandelion tree
The tree is known as a houseplant with great feng shui meaning, the tree is a symbol of peace and luck in the family. The plant has the advantage of being a well-adapted plant in indoor environments, where air conditioning or air conditioning is often used.
Jade tree
The jade plant is a suitable plant to grow indoors. The tree has the ability to create fresh air, and is a feng shui tree that brings prosperity, wealth and wealth.

Flowering tree
Lucky plants are indoor plants that bring very beautiful and meaningful flowers. Trees are chosen by people to grow indoors, bringing natural beauty, not too colorful, but simple and luxurious. The tree is the embodiment of fortune, smoothness and good luck.
Tiger tongue tree
Tiger tongue is one of the indoor green plants familiar to Vietnamese people. Because the tree is planted by many people, and is very popular.
The tiger tongue tree is a tree for beauty from its leaves, the leaves are succulent and have a green color mixed with very unique and fancy stripes.
The tiger tongue tree is also one of the plants recommended by nasa as an indoor decorative plant. Because trees have the ability to attract harmful gases, gases are emitted from electronic devices, from wood…etc. As a result, planting tiger lily plants as indoor plants brings fresh and fresh air to your home.

Tree of life
The everlasting plant is one of the indoor plants that have the ability to live and grow extremely strong and healthy. In addition, the tree is a plant that adapts to the indoor environment very well. And as a feng shui plant that brings fertility, growth, and freshness, it is chosen by everyone as a houseplant.

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