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Visit the most desirable model four-bedroom apartment in Tay Ho area


In order to meet the needs of foreign visitors about spacious living space, many bedrooms, Toan Tien Housing has invested in building apartments for rent at 76 - 78 Xom Chua - Tay Ho and become the desirable apartment this autumn.



Every project of Toan Tien Housing is built on the most important "foundation" which is the enthusiasm of the construction engineers, design team and above all, the Director - Nguyen Dang Tien.






Apartment 76 - 78 Xom Chua is located in a peaceful residential area on the shores of West Lake with a very wide view. From the apartment overlooking the balcony, you will be attracted immediately to the large natural landscape in front of it, which is rippled West Lake, shady green-treed roads far away from the crowded city.



The most distinctive feature of this apartment is the 4-bedroom system, with one of the largest rooms facing the West Lake. All bedrooms are prepared with white pillow and cushions on warm brown wood.



With the combination of modern and classic design, the apartment makes up the attraction, making visitors extremely interested and curious from the smallest details. 

With the slogan "Your home - Our care", Toan Tien Housing has always been aiming to build the most comfortable living space. The apartment for rent in Tay Ho is the same, from the fridge, television, air conditioners, washing machine, oven, stove, dishwasher, bath tub to the smallest items such as pillowcases, bowls , towels are prepared. When you choose to rent the apartment, you only need to bring personal belongings, the remaining necessary items are all available. 

Especially, when living in apartment 76 - 78 Xom Chua, you will experience professional services of To Tien Housing: 

- 24 hour security 

- English fluent receptionist 

- Waste system for kitchen 

- Soundproof door 

- Fire protection system

 - Elevators

 - Housekeeping and laundry service 5 times / week 

- High-speed internet

 - International cable TV 

- Free mineral water 

- Free parking


Not only facing the West Lake and enjoying the spacious space, with beautiful location, it will only take a few minutes to go to the city center and the amusement attractions such as Water Park, Sun Park, Nhat Tan flower garden. Surrounding the location of the apartment are hotels, restaurants such as Sheraton Hotel, InterContinental Hotel, Sen Tay Ho Restaurant, etc. 

The image above is the apartment on the 5th floor of building 76 - 78 of Xom Chua, the rest will have different designing style to create a specific 

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