Apartment 201, 3 Quang Khanh Str, Tay Ho Dist, HN

$1,105 /month

  • 2 Br
  • 2 Ba
  • 90 m²


Building at 3 Quang Khanh Str, Tay Ho Dist is central district with beautiful screens in Ha Noi. It has serviced apartments for rent with area up to 90 m2 with full of amenities: 02 bedrooms, 02 WC. Each apartment is equipped with modern furniture: sofa, dining table with chairs, bed, fridge, air – conditioner and full with cooking tools.

Being located in the center, the ideal place for the foreigners to come and enjoy the romantic and peaceful west lake, building at 3 Quang Khanh becomes the best choice for the tourists. With the large – size window system, from the aparmtment, you can take a view to the west lake and enjoy the airy atmosphere – a special thing here.

It takes only 5 – 10 minitues for driving to some interesting places in Ha Noi such as: Hoan Kiem Lake, West Lake Lotus Pond, Bach Thao Park and historic relic, pogodas such as: Phu Tay Ho, Tran Quoc temple, Yen Phu temple… 

Management & security service (24/7)

Managed and supported by Japanese

Internet Wifi with high speed ( 25mb/s)

Daily cleaning room, 3 times per week for washing & ironing (except Sunday, Saturday)

Pets spraying: bug, cockroach, mosquito… 6 months per time

Maintenance for air-conditioners, water heater, water dispenser…: yearly

General repair and maintenance

Washing curtain (6 months per time)

General Amenities

  • air conditioner
  • balcony
  • cable tv
  • heater
  • smoking
  • washing machine
  • wi fi
  • lift

Outdoor facilities

  • restaurant
  • shop



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