• Available

Apartment 101, 88 Xom Chua Str, Tay Ho Dist, Ha Noi

$650 /month

  • 2 Br
  • 1 Ba
  • 60 m²


The joy of life is sometimes very simple. Just stay with your loved ones, sit together on the balcony and enjoy a cup of tea together. A space outside the small balcony will also help you to fully appreciate that feeling. Building at 88 Xom Chua with small balcony in front of the living room will help you to make it.

The building has parking space on the 1st floor with elevator. It is cozy with 100 sqm of total living area, spacious with windows in all the room. The apartment is very well equipped and furnished. It is designed with comfortable layout, open living room and modern kitchen with 02 bedrooms, 01 bathrooms.

Good location, located on a nice quite lane from the main street of Tay Ho, close to everything you need like restaurants, cafes, shopping mall, and local markets. 

Management & security service (24/7)

Managed and supported by Japanese

Internet Wifi with high speed ( 25mb/s)

Daily cleaning room, 3 times per week for washing & ironing (except Sunday, Saturday)

Pets spraying: bug, cockroach, mosquito… 6 months per time

Maintenance for air-conditioners, water heater, water dispenser…: yearly

General repair and maintenance

Washing curtain (6 months per time)

General Amenities

  • air conditioner
  • balcony
  • cable tv
  • heater
  • smoking
  • washing machine
  • wi fi
  • lift

Outdoor facilities

  • restaurant
  • shop
  • bus



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