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  • 2022-01-19T

Apartment 301, 8 Mac Dinh Chi Str, Ba Dinh Dist, Ha Noi

$550 /month


A home in Mac Dinh Chi street means an island life in a corner of Truc Bach lake. this home is single bedroom, takes a whole floor of the building, has a first floor lobby to store motorbikes, and services provided upon agreement.

It has a common space of a kitchen, living quarter, dinner table for two in adequate spacing, wholly filled with natural light into the warm tone accent, resident may find peace easily. 

A long and wide hall leading to a shiny bathroom and a spacious bedroom at the end of the apartment. Private, along with a door to a light well/air duct of the building. 

The island life  is sure interesting, a nice, quite lake bank to run around, fun restaurants and street food, some chic cafe around the neighborhood. with an open mind, tapping into a community is rewarding.

Contact us soon to find your home in Ha Noi.

Management & security service (24/7)

Managed and supported by Japanese

Internet Wifi with high speed ( 25mb/s)

Daily cleaning room, 3 times per week for washing & ironing (except Sunday, Saturday)

Pets spraying: bug, cockroach, mosquito… 6 months per time

Maintenance for air-conditioners, water heater, water dispenser…: yearly

General repair and maintenance

Washing curtain (6 months per time)

General Amenities

  • air conditioner
  • balcony
  • cable tv
  • heater
  • smoking
  • washing machine
  • wi fi
  • lift

Outdoor facilities

  • restaurant
  • shop
  • bus



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