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Apartmen 301, 6 Quang Khanh Str, Tay Ho Dist, Ha Noi

$3,000 /month


If you do exercise around the West Lake, or just have a windy ride along, you may notice that very big, frilly, light yellow mansion just right near Phu Tay Ho. Having that mansion as a neighbor may be the only downside of our high-end serviced apartments in 6 Quang Khanh address. The 3 bedroom apartment, atmospheric, cultured living space, a well serviced home in the better part of the West lake.

The L shaped apartment has a wing of the living room, the kitchen in the corner. The long aisle to the master bedroom has the 2 secondary bedrooms on the left, a bathroom, and a patrio space on the right. 

Enjoy a day in life on the large couch settings in the broad living room, with two glass sides of natural lights flooding into the room. A streak of sun lighting up a reading time on the patrio corner. The considerate styling furniture with dark wood tones, natural color rattan details help bring peace to mind - from waking up, working at home, or do a big cookup for large gathering. 

Living in the West lake is amazing, it means never stop getting awed by the landscape. One step into a cardio track, dog walking route. The particular corner of the lake is near the most chic eateries and pub, and from home it only gets quite bustling around Tet holiday when Phu Tay Ho pulls people everywhere in.

It's tired to clean a house this big so the cleaning service, laundry are included into the rental package, the customer service are ready to hear the tenants' issues and the office deploys resources to solve it.  

Management & security service (24/7)

Managed and supported by Japanese

Internet Wifi with high speed ( 25mb/s)

Daily cleaning room, 3 times per week for washing & ironing (except Sunday, Saturday)

Pets spraying: bug, cockroach, mosquito… 6 months per time

Maintenance for air-conditioners, water heater, water dispenser…: yearly

General repair and maintenance

Washing curtain (6 months per time)

General Amenities

  • air conditioner
  • balcony
  • cable tv
  • heater
  • smoking
  • washing machine
  • wi fi
  • lift
  • car parking
  • computer

Outdoor facilities

  • restaurant
  • shop
  • bus
  • hospital
  • university



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